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A message from the Chairman:

The KDS Steel Code of Ethics for all of our Employees, managers and directors puts into writing the highest standards of ethical conduct to which we hold ourselves, and one another, accountable. Trust, one of the core values on which our company is built, is also the foundation on which we build strong relationships with our customers, owners, communities and one another. Our code provides direction on how we can achieve our business goals while preserving and building on the trust upon which our company is built. The responsibility for creating and sustaining trust in KDS Steel rests squarely on each of us and the personal integrity we bring to our work. The code, in effect, explains what we mean when we say one of our core values is “doing the right thing.” Each of us is required to acknowledge our responsibility for reading, understanding and complying with the guidelines in this document. We all recognize that results are important. Our Code of Ethics underscores our individual and collective recognition that how we achieve those results is just as important. To preserve the trust others place in us—and our trust in each other


KDS Steel is committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. This Code of Ethics provides basic guidelines of business practice, and professional and personal conduct we are expected to adopt and upholdas a KDS Steel employee.The public and customers judge KDS Steel by the actions of its employees. This code is intended to guide our conduct to instill customer and public trust and confidence. The following pages include sections on:

  • Avoiding conflicts,or even the appearance of conflicts,between personal interests and the interests of KDS Steel, its owners or customers.
  • Keeping information confidential and secure.
  • Properly caring for and protecting KDS Steel property and assets.
  • Conductingpersonal financial affairs responsibly and keeping business expenses in order.
  • Not taking any action, either personally or on behalf of KDS Steel,which violates any law, regulation or internal policy.
  • Avoiding misuse of material,confidential and proprietaryinformation relating to business matters, production and processes.
  • Promptly reporting any knowledge or information about KDS Steel employees or dealers suspect of committing crimes.

All KDS Steel companies or departments may have additional or more restrictive policies that one must follow. HRD or compliance officer will provide employees with any manuals, policies and procedures related to specific job. All should refer to the employee Handbook for additional information on employee conduct.KDS Steel may publish additional policies as deemed necessary or appropriate. All employees should talk to their manager and review the handbook for their line of work to determine all policies applicable to them. All employees are expected to follow the information in this code, other policies referred to in this document, additional policies that apply to each job. Violation of the Code of Ethics or these other policies, laws and regulations constitutes grounds for disciplinary action, including termination of employment and possible legal action.